Fina World Cup 2022

The FINA Swimming World Cup has been allowing athletes from all over the world to compete in long or short-course pools since 1988. The FINA World Cup 2022 will take place in attractive venues in Europe and North America and will be divided into three competitions into 25m pools.

The total prize pool for this year’s swimming tournament is $1,200,000. The top 20 male and female athletes will share a prize pool of $224,000 ($112,000 for each gender). An additional $262,000 for each gender, at the end of the series, will receive the top eight athletes, depending on the overall ranking.

The stages of the swimming competition will take place:

  1. October 21-23 in Berlin, Germany;
  2. October 28-30 in Toronto, Canada;
  3. 03-05 November in Indianapolis, USA.

Events in any swimming competition may have only one of the four main styles or a combination of all four styles in a fixed order.

Top Champions

Over time, the progress of swimming has given rise to new styles, events, and rules. It’s hard to compare champions across decades.

Both women and men participate in water sports. In this article, we will describe to you famous swimming champions.

Name Nationality
Christina Egerszegi (F) Hungary
Michael Phelps (M) USA
Dawn Fraser (F) Australia
Mark Spitz (M) USA
Shane Gould (F) Australia
                  Tracey Caulkins (F) USA
                      Ian Thorpe (M) Australia



The backstroke champion in Hungary is Christina Egerszegi. She achieved fame as a teenage athlete at the age of 14 after taking home an Olympic gold in the 200-meter medley relay event in Seoul. Following Dawn Frazier, Christina became the second woman to compete in the Olympics in every single discipline at three Championships.

American Michael Phelps holds the record with 18 Olympic medals. He won eight prestigious awards at the Summer Olympic games in 2008, four prize gold in 2012, then six gold medals in 2004. Micheal currently holds the individual best times in the 100-meter, 200-meter, and 400-meter primary contests. He earned 77 trophies at prestigious international competitions.

Dawn Frazier, an Australian champion, gained notoriety by winning the 100-meter freestyle event at the Summer competition in 1956, 1960, and 1964. She has eight championship prestigious awards to her credit, along with four honors at the Commonwealth Games as well as six gold overall.

She has been acknowledged as the only one female to complete the 100-meter backstroke in under one minute since October 1962.

American champion swimmer Mark Spitz. In 1968, he earned two Olympic gold medals. In both individual and team activities, Mark won seven medals of honor for excellence and broke records in 1972. He managed to win the title of world champion nine times throughout his career.

Tracey Caulkins according to experts’ assessments is one among the most distinctive players, and has possessed victory in America in all styles of water sports. She won 68 personal records, five of which are the international, but also 63 in American competitions.

Australian freestyle athlete Ian Thorpe won two reward national titles in the 2004 summer Olympics and three additional medals in the 2000 athletic competition. Following the 1998 Perth 400m freestyle, Thorpe gained notoriety as the junior winner. Along with the Welfare Games, he participated and won the swimming Olympic races.

The 2022 World Aquatics Tournament

June 17 – July 3, 2022, Hungary will host the 19th FINA global competition. Prize competitions for swimming will be held in Budapest and other cities along with synchronized swimming, diving, open water swimming, and water polo.

Synchronized swimmers and synchronized swimmers will open the competition on June 17th and finish on the 25th. Swimmers will compete from 18 to 25 June in the pool and from 26 to 30 June in open water. From June 26 to July 3, competitions in water jumps will be held.

And the water polo players will start on June 20, and the final match will be held on the day the championship ends – July 3.

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