A New Challenge — Bay With Sharks

Night Train Swimmers took part in a new sporting event on 14 August. The best category of athletes crossed the bay in a six-mile sail to San Francisco from Tiburon. The occasion was attended by four participants who left Tiburon, crossed 6 cities, and covered 15 miles on the Golden Gate Bridge.

San Francisco-based non-profit organization Shark Stewards hosted a case at the Crissy Field Sports Basement in the Presidio. David McGuire, director of the organization, added: “Our fifth annual shark race this year was lucky. It was a tough swim and I’m happy to be able to swim with the best swimmers training at night, and enlist their support.

” Players swam throughout the bay at high stream against the wind, across boats, cars, and rocks. The start of the race is calculated by the next way participants come around noon on Sunday at the completion line at nearly the same time.

Founder, and President Vito Bialla considered the Trans Bay Invitational another major sporting event. Swimmers of the night train are one of the most elite marathon runners around the world. It is important to pay tribute to the youth for the unique shark experience.

The organization managed to raise funds in recent years to help disabled sportsmen Arthur Renowitzky by fighting 300 miles back and forth across the bay in San Francisco.

Kim Chambers is one of six swimmers who completed the seven Oceans dare, while Joseph Locke holds the record for the fastest sail from the Farallon Islands to the Golden Gate. “A bay inhabited by dangerous fish”, she noted, “It is a little preparation for my September race”.

In that month, she plans to swim nonstop from Sacramento to San Francisco. She is also the first female to have traveled from the Farallon Islands to the Golden Gate Bridge. Organizers of Sports Basement Presidio with sponsors of the Headlands Brewery, managed more than 100 spectators and fans.

“This is an invocation, and a great chance to support transborder shark defense, and strengthen ocean natural environment defense. I am anticipating racing with sharks again, and continuing working to defend endangered predatory fish from all over the world”, adds McGuire. Importantly, annual development is committed to the organization of night train swimmers, and promoter John Matthews of Tiburon, who not long ago passed away.

228-mile Swim World Record Southern California

The grueling journey of 228 miles began on August 22 at 15:00. The main goal of the six-member relay team, the NTS, was to raise $228,000 for the Fur Seal Foundation. The world-class swimmer Grace van der Byl sailed from North Santa Barbara to San Diego in 100 hours and 24 minutes in 60-degree turbulent water.

In the aftermath, the team struggled with jellyfish, fatigue, and asthma but broke the world record for the longest open-water relay. One swimmer even had to fight off an amorous seal. Five years ago, a team began to form to raise money and raise awareness for causes that matter.

One of the things the swimmers’ organization is concerned with is supporting the Navy SEAL Foundation. The enthusiasm for the strength and perseverance of the team members captures the spirit of every devotee.

The team captain and one of the three skippers piloted the escort boat with these gladiators – Grace, Phil Cutty, David Holscher, Zach Zhirkovsky, Luan Roe, and Blair Cannon. Since 2008, the organization has raised over $1.3 million for military and charitable causes by doggedly watching sharks, brutally cold waters, and fields of stinging jellyfish – truly nasty, disgusting, and sickly creatures.

Summing Up

The SEAL Foundation is critical as it supports warriors and their families by ensuring they stay in touch with each other and much-needed services.

The players of the night train are grateful that we can use what we love – swimming together in open water under the stars – to help those who have sacrificed so much.

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